Artist Statement

Portrait-Me Felting_edited-2-final

Felt is an unlikely medium for artwork. I revel in the tactility of the wool roving as I start a piece and the feel of the felt literally forming beneath my fingers as I work.

Wool felt has unusual properties, such as the way layers of the fibers blend both horizontally and vertically. While I may lay out solid layers of colors, by the time the felt is made the surface gives glints of all of them. I love to exploit the unique aspects of feltmaking and embrace others I cannot control.

There are many themes throughout my art: hidden messages and communication; time and lifetimes. As my work goes from concept to creation I am hesitant to explain my art and discover more meanings as the work evolves.

And some pieces are simply fun, such as a felt and wire ball balanced in my hands. Felt is my joy, my inspiration and, hopefully, a lifetime of art. It is simple to make, yet there is much to master.